Welcome New Year 2022 STANDARD-size Puppies!

We are expecting an early November 2021 litter of puppies with Red Rock Doodles Cinnamon Chai Dolce (aka Dolce) and Country Once in a Dream (aka Odelay) owned by Rocky Mountain Labradoodles.

These puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes the first week of January, 2022.

  Puppies will be standard size multigen Australian labradoodles weighing 45 – 60 pounds and stand 22-23″ at withers at maturity.

Puppies can be adopted for $2800 each.  Taking WAITLIST reservations now for these litters.   Once puppies are born we will let you know availability.

Click on their pictures below to see more info about the parents.


Red Rock Doodles Cinnamon Chai


Country Once in a Dream  “Odelay

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Looking ahead to 2022, we are planning a summer 2022 litter of Standard size Multigen Australian Labradoodles with Red Rock Doodles Cayenne.  For best selection, make your deposit today!  Puppies will be priced at $2800 each and a $400 nonrefundable deposit will hold your selection order.

Puppy Eyes


We are looking for a guardian home for a future Red Rock Doodle Momma.

If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact me at redrockdoodles@icloud.com